Feb 5, 2012


Counting on the leaves of autumn to fall on a summer’s day  
It is not a childish play
Staring blankly ;-
into the mindless racing thoughts’ highway
tunneling feelings as if I was on a subway
yet it will never be nothing but a short drive away.

From the path of salvation to seek help
How can a bewildered soul travel past self-help ?
Striving and pushing limits to be better
But what exactly defines the word ;-
When everything seems to be aligned as a setter.

A debtor is what I will continuously be
To the eyes of the world that can never set me free
Beaming lessons in life ,learned ;-
And I can always agree
Imminently in debt to a life borrowed from thee.


Words are spoken yet actions need to be taken
Appreciation would always be the token
Together with a humble trust and love
It will never be forever broken .

What difference does perception and submission make
When your own opinion is at stake?
You take charge of the decisions you make
So never stray from yourself by being fake.

Strength and wisdom is God given,
You need not to be proven
Love thyself before you get even
Friends will hold the fortress
When you can’t bear being beaten.

All is fair in love and war
Or so that is what has been rumored from afar
You’ve taken yourself til this far
Don’t let a pebble halt  you from your journey
And keep you bottled up in a jar.

A fair maiden that you are
Independent in ways that you have become
In  this life you will  raise the bar
Need not let a man suffocate you like a lung filled with tar.


I grew up in the slums of a place called MS university
Life is what they call it but mom was looking for epiphany
Back when I was seven and my sister was five
We didn’t know life was tough but we managed to survive.

Mom’s prayers brought us to the land of Malaysia
Didn’t know where it was till I landed here ,the heart of Asia
Nothing beats the feeling like I belonged
Wasn’t feeling alienated cause it was like I was home

I learnt how to live, I learnt how to love
Cultures intertwined from two nations which I’m proud of
No one comprehends the passion I have for this little country
Yet I can still speak to you about it very humbly

Twelve years passed without missing the motherland
I found my love and lived the life in this little wonderland
For fifteen years,  I loved unrequited
No security provided but we stayed as decided.

Mom still teaches and dad just finished learning
I’m not gonna wait for another prince charming
To take us  out of our foreign battles
Cause I won’t let us fall under those  prattles
Life outside is tougher than it looks
But I am not ready to take up  these hooks
For even this place that I’ve loved my whole life
Can tear me up like a steak knife.

This is a constant fight that I can’t bear to lose
For my family or country  I need not choose.
Working hard to be the sole provider
No giving up even when life gets harder.

Sep 25, 2011


The war to stop you has just begun
No longer will I be in your arms
No longer will it be the death of me
Chains will be broken and I shall be free
I’ll run away from the hands that kill
I’ll run away from the blades of blood that has suffocated me
A call to all those who feel the pain
Seeking refuge to those who understand
Seeking the right from the wrong
I’ll never fall back and run
Fight the walls that hurdles my way
Fight the thousand men you sent to seize me with no remorse.
It’s actually about human trafficking.
Hehe. I know my words are not that deep. I prefer being raw like this..cuz it’s me. J
Hope you like what I shared.This was also posted on my tumblr blog :) http://amillionlilpieces.tumblr.com/ 

Letting Go

Lights are flashing while I lay in bed,
no warmth inside me
murmuring thoughts drown my mind
the grace of your presence gone
with my heartache pictures burned
The stars that used to shine brightly in my sky
vanished into the vast universe like thin air
never will you come back in my arms
I’ll rise through this   misery

Falling apart I should refrain
to the words that had to succumb
to the memories that will never fade
a plead for happiness I deserve
a prayer of joy you shall receive.

Jun 19, 2011

Ahmad Syukri 2

Notes from my heart contain;
A love for you that cannot be restrain,
Yearning for you that eternally remains,
For without you I would be in pain,
Somehow like a year without rain.
I kid you not Ahmad Syukri,
Tis this hands will not set you free,
I am not in love with two or three,
In my heart lives only thee.
When you utter of your passion,
It is definitely my greatest possesion,
You’ve got my heart in your prison,
Guilty as charged and you are the reason.


Bare, naked,nude
as when i undress you
for nobody knows your beauty
at least the way i do.
your supple skin
and that orgasmic touch
sends shivers down my spine
for you are the ghost in me
out to hunt the lust in thee.
each touch,kiss and scent,
skin to skin, hands on my neck,
nothing feels better
the nurture of your being.
They are ashamed to embrace you,
ungrateful of your power,
barely sensing your essence,
hiding silently behind sheets of humanity,
unaffraid of your gift,
while some seek refuge from your curse.
I cut your surface,
pound you bit by bit,
knowing that it will hurt you,
apologies do not suffice,
the waves of agony that i’ve inflicted,
love, i am yours eternally.